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Harsh driving — You can’t afford it

Your logo is your livelihood and having an operation that reflects and represents the values of your company — both on and off the road — is essential to achieving customer satisfaction and overall success. But harsh driving events such as sudden braking, speeding, and distracted driving can result in accidents, injuries, and bad publicity for your fleet.

Be aware of brand recognition

Aside from transporting orders to and from service locations, your trucks serve as free, mobile advertising for your company — whether you know it or not. Unfortunately, a single action on the road can hinder your company’s image and potential business.

For example, a family that your truck cut off in traffic views your brand as the culprit and is now online posting a negative review of your business and putting a bad stigma to your name.

Or, your truck slams on its brakes, wreaking havoc for everyone behind them. A business consultant sees your company’s name on the vehicle and will now refer their clients elsewhere.

Controlling costly fines and penalties

Harsh driving events, especially speeding, often result in tickets, fines, suspended licenses, and even jail time for major infractions. According to Driving Laws, over 700,000 speeding tickets are issued to commercial truck drivers every year. And with tickets costing upwards of $490 each for CDL holders, these penalties can quickly add up and have a serious impact on your bottom line.

Taking the proper steps to identify and correct risky driving behavior is essential to lowering the amount of harsh driving events that happen on the road. Effective coaching by fleet managers can also improve the safety and stability of drivers, vehicles, and the operation as a whole.

Finding a technology that fits your business

A solution that helps business owners coach their drivers into adopting better driving behaviors behind the wheel is invaluable in today’s digital age. Rather than placing a “How am I driving” sticker on the back of each of your vehicles, utilizing a solution that can prevent incidents on the road before they happen means peace of mind.

With Roadnet Telematics by Omnitracs, you’ll receive real-time alerts of harsh driving and other negative events on the road. To learn more about how Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics can help you identify and eliminate driver liability, download our Telematics brochure or contact your account manager today.

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