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Geofencing: Protect Your Vehicle and Bottom Line

“Call me when you get there” has become an all-to-common request by fleet managers to their drivers. Making sure drivers arrive at their designated service locations on time with accurate loads is essential to customer satisfaction and the success of your operation — and could be the difference between spending and saving thousands of dollars a week. But without complete visibility into vehicle status and location along a route, it can be difficult to determine accurate arrival, departure, and idling times.

Geofencing, or virtual perimeters around a physical location, enables back-office personnel to track and monitor assets from depot to destination via GPS. Fleet managers will receive an automatic, real-time notification when a vehicle enters or leaves the geofenced area, making it simple to detect when your driver is approaching a service location or going somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Let’s take a look at a few other ways geofencing can benefit your drivers and business.

Prioritize vehicle and driver safety

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, an estimated 773,139 thefts of motor vehicles occurred nationwide in 2017, resulting in nearly $6 billion in losses. Geofences can act as somewhat of an insurance policy against vehicle theft by alerting you the moment your vehicle leaves your defined region. Once alerted, you can take immediate action to locate your assets and reduce any costly implications the theft would have on your company’s bottom line.

Improve efficiency

Easily determine when your assets arrive to or depart from a service location — no inconvenient, time-consuming calls between drivers and fleet managers required. With geofencing, you and your driver can quickly find out when they arrived at their stop without having the added stress of remembering or manually recording times. Having the certainty of knowing exactly where your assets are throughout the day also enables a trust to develop between drivers and fleet managers that can result in a better, more efficient operation overall.

Improve billing and payroll accuracy

Geofencing offers simplified tracking and, more importantly, evidence of the total time that assets spend at a particular location. The technology automatically records the exact time of vehicles coming in or going out of a region to simplify the process of accurately paying hourly workers. Additionally, this streamlines the process of logging hours for payroll and enables them to better utilize their time.

Geofencing is an extremely profitable tool that can connect you with your customers and boost your company’s competitive edge. To learn about an Omnitracs solution that offers geofencing capabilities, download the Omntiracs Trailer Tracks 150 brochure

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