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Fleet Telematics: The more you know

Knowledge is power — especially in the transportation industry. The costs of operating a fleet can add up quickly and erode your bottom line. And without proper insight and technology, you could be spending more time and money than necessary to complete daily tasks.

We’re committed to providing best-in-class technology that’s built to help fleets of all sizes grow, compete, and succeed while keeping costs low. In fact, when speaking of Omnitracs, President of Elias Wilf, a lead flooring distribution company, Jeff Streigel said, “You think you are being efficient until you find out there is a better way.”

Let’s take a look at how our solutions can help you achieve better fleet management and cost control.

Optimize fleet visibility — no guesswork required

Drivers and equipment are your most important assets. Having the ability to track their status and location up-to-the-second allows you to monitor routes for peak productivity, track arrival and departure times, and identify risky behaviors via driver scorecards. Monitor, manage, and predict vehicle and fuel usage to build the most efficient routes, reduce vehicle idling and speeding, increase profits, and eliminate wasteful spending.

Improve customer service through better insight

Customers today expect peak service in an instant and anything less could cost you their business. Answer order inquiries in an instant with quick access to accurate, near-real time information on the location of vehicles as well as when their order it is set to be delivered.

Enhance driver and vehicle safety

Accurately manage your fleet’s risk level, productivity, and maintenance by monitoring data parameters such as engine faults, idling time, and PTO. You’ll also be able to track and control speed and limit after-hour usage to identify risky driving behavior, help drivers adopt safe habits, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and lower unplanned downtime.

Leading fleets have invested in Omnitracs Fleet Telematics to track and ensure their drivers and vehicles are operating as efficiently as possible. This single on-board plug-in device is designed to provide enhanced visibility and insight into your operation at any time while lowering overhead costs.

Visit our website and download our complimentary Telematics brochure to learn more about how to optimize fleet performance and productivity while minimizing costs with a single solution.

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