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Driver Safety Scorecard

A common question of business owners as well as fleet and safety managers is, “How do I know if my drivers are being safe on the road?” Driving safely is a huge concern to protect your crew as well as your business and brand.

One of the key features of Omnitracs’ Roadnet Anywhere system is the ability to measure driving behavior. The tracking device Omnitracs provides has a built-in accelerometer, which reads for harsh braking, cornering, accelerations, and speeding events by monitoring the G-Forces of the vehicle. We offer an automated Driver Safety Scorecard through your portal that will tell you exactly which drivers are safe, and which are at risk. Remember, you are not trying to catch your team, you’re trying to coach them.

The Driver Safety Scorecard provides a clear picture of how your vehicles are being driven, so you can spend your time growing your business instead of following your drivers around from job to job. A lot of business owners use the Driver Safety Scorecard Report as a way to incentivize their drivers — because it’s always better to offer a reward at the end of the month than pay for tickets, accidents, and lost business, wouldn’t you agree?

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