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Diagnosing the Emotions that Come with Engine Diagnostics

Seeing a Check Engine light come on is a dreaded occurrence for anyone behind the wheel, especially when that wheel steers your financial well-being. One simple light can cause days of wasted time and revenue — and add unforeseen obstacles to your operation. Having a Check Engine light come on and determining the necessary steps to fix the issue before it worsens can trigger a mixed-bag of emotions:


Driving down the road when, suddenly, the light flashes on. You panic and think, “How serious is this? How am I going to fix this? What do I need to do?”


Scheduling a time to bring your vehicle into the shop is going to be time-consuming in itself. You wonder, “How long is this going to take, and how am I going to pay for this? If I don’t get this vehicle back on the road soon, our entire operation will suffer.”


Realizing there’s an issue and having your vehicle serviced can be a frustrating process. The repairs don’t always go as planned causing you to think, “Why did this have to happen to me? Why is this taking so long? I need to get back on the road now!”


Remembering that when a Check Engine light comes on, Omnitracs Fault Code Monitoring is there to notify you, your driver, and your mechanic of the issue to be fixed via text or email.

Staying on top of vehicle maintenance is critical to the success of your business. To learn more about how Omnitracs can help your vehicles stay healthy on the road, see our webpage on Omnitracs Fault Monitoring.

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