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Coterminous Contracts

With over 10 years’ experience in the transportation industry, we’ve found that contracts are a common fear among business owners solely due to unclear contract lengths and end dates.

All reliable telematics providers work with 36-month term contracts, which grow with your business and fleet size. In other words, when you add a vehicle to your telematics system, you are in turn adding 36 months to your contract for that one additional vehicle. Businesses that continuously grow and add vehicles to their systems will have staggered contracts for years to come. This can muddle your actual contract end date as well as create a nightmare of invoices four to five times per month.

Omnitracs exclusively offers a coterminous contract to help business owners have a clear understanding of the agreement length and to make growth easy. Simply add on vehicles whenever you want during your 36-month contract and we will amend your original agreement so your entire fleet begins and ends on the same dates, regardless of when you added on. This means no staggered contracts, a clear understanding of end dates, and a very easy experience for Accounts Payable.

Growth for any business can difficult, but Omnitracs strives to make it easy.

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