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Optimize operations with location accuracy

Managing a successful fleet is a full-time job — from supervising drivers on the road to ensuring customer service needs are being met behind the scenes, anything other than absolute efficiency in your operation is unproductive and can take a significant toll on your bottom line. Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking has been adopted by

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Fleet Telematics: The more you know

Knowledge is power — especially in the transportation industry. The costs of operating a fleet can add up quickly and erode your bottom line. And without proper insight and technology, you could be spending more time and money than necessary to complete daily tasks. We’re committed to providing best-in-class technology that’s built to help fleets

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3 benefits of job completion visibility

As any fleet manager knows, drivers are a transportation company’s biggest asset. Without them, the business would fall by the wayside. Having such a vital role in the success of your operation requires an enhanced level of trust. However, even the most skilled driver can make a mistake that ends up costing the company big.

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Drivers: Stop your engines! The hard truth about truck idling

It can seem minuscule and even natural to leave your radio on during lunch or air conditioning running during a delivery — especially in these hot summer months. But little tendencies like this can quickly add up to six billion gallons and over $12 billion of wasted fuel each year. Typically, truck drivers rely on

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Harsh driving — You can’t afford it

Your logo is your livelihood and having an operation that reflects and represents the values of your company — both on and off the road — is essential to achieving customer satisfaction and overall success. But harsh driving events such as sudden braking, speeding, and distracted driving can result in accidents, injuries, and bad publicity

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Geofencing: Protect Your Vehicle and Bottom Line

“Call me when you get there” has become an all-to-common request by fleet managers to their drivers. Making sure drivers arrive at their designated service locations on time with accurate loads is essential to customer satisfaction and the success of your operation — and could be the difference between spending and saving thousands of dollars

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Fuel Savings

Fuel efficiency is a top concern for everyone in the transportation industry — from independent owner-operators to enterprise fleets. And as fuel costs continue to rise, drivers and fleet managers must take steps to reduce wasted fuel and conserve this liquid gold. Let’s take a look at six ways fleets can save fuel and lower

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Diagnosing the Emotions that Come with Engine Diagnostics

Seeing a Check Engine light come on is a dreaded occurrence for anyone behind the wheel, especially when that wheel steers your financial well-being. One simple light can cause days of wasted time and revenue — and add unforeseen obstacles to your operation. Having a Check Engine light come on and determining the necessary steps

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Driver Safety Scorecard

A common question of business owners as well as fleet and safety managers is, “How do I know if my drivers are being safe on the road?” Driving safely is a huge concern to protect your crew as well as your business and brand. One of the key features of Omnitracs’ Roadnet Anywhere system is

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Coterminous Contracts

With over 10 years’ experience in the transportation industry, we’ve found that contracts are a common fear among business owners solely due to unclear contract lengths and end dates. All reliable telematics providers work with 36-month term contracts, which grow with your business and fleet size. In other words, when you add a vehicle to

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