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Introducing The ABCs of Telematics

The term ‘telematics’ might be new to you. To help you fully understand telematics — and the many features and benefits of Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics — we’ve broken down the concepts into an alphabetical list:   A) Arrival/Departure Tracking B) Breadcrumb Trail C) Coterminous Contracts D) Driver Safety Scorecard E) Engine Diagnostics F) Fuel Savings G) Geofencing H) Harsh Driving Events I) Idling J) Job Completion (No Side Jobs) K) Knowledge Base L) Location Accuracy M) Maintenance Alerts N) Ninety-Five Percent Customer Retention Rate O) One-Plug Self-Install P) Power Take-Off (PTO) Q) Quarterly Software Updates R) Reports (Customizable) S) Speeding

By |October 23rd, 2018|

The Slow Burn of Idling and What You Can Do About It

“Idle hands are the devil’s playthings.” It’s an ominous, well-known saying that means one who is idle will likely do harm. This is true of vehicle engines as well. Idling engines can harm your vehicles, the environment, and your company’s bottom line. In fact, depending on the type of vehicle, an hour of idling can spend up to a gallon of gas per hour. Below is a graph that shows, by vehicle type, approximately how much fuel is wasted by idling per hour.  And that’s without transporting any product or supplemental equipment. With the average price of gas at $2.84

By |September 24th, 2018|

Three Problems Faced by Every Manager, One Solution

These days, it’s tougher than ever for companies that rely on vehicles to serve customers to operate efficiently. As a fleet manager, your ability to compete in the future relies on finding new ways to operate today. Controlling costs, keeping your teams accountable, and maintaining customer service have always been important concerns for any vehicle-based company. However, thanks to growing customer demands and rising transportation costs, it’s become increasingly important to find new solutions for those same operational challenges. Thankfully, with GPS tracking and fleet telematics solutions, fleet managers have access to simple, affordable, and effective tools to do just

By |September 24th, 2018|

Introducing the Locate My Trucks Blog by Omnitracs

Welcome to the Locate My Trucks Blog! It is our goal to provide vehicle-based companies with the tools and information they need to run a successful business. Telematics is a word we’re going to throw around here quite a bit and what that really refers to is GPS-based vehicle tracking. It’s a way for your business to track drivers and vehicles, keeping a record of fuel usage, costs, and behaviors like idling. When you send your vehicles out for the day, you don’t always know where they are and how drivers are using them. With telematics, you know. In this

By |September 13th, 2018|