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3 benefits of job completion visibility

As any fleet manager knows, drivers are a transportation company’s biggest asset. Without them, the business would fall by the wayside. Having such a vital role in the success of your operation requires an enhanced level of trust. However, even the most skilled driver can make a mistake that ends up costing the company big.

For example, a driver who was recently hired may have misunderstood company policy and used a company truck to complete a side job such as moving furniture after hours. Whether this usage was authorized or not, operating company equipment unnecessarily wastes fuel, diminishes the bottom line, and jeopardizes the future of your drivers and company.

To avoid unnecessary usage, fleets often implement a “back-up plan” that enables full visibility across their fleet and provides instant notifications when equipment is used outside of business hours or scope. Investing in a solution to track the status and location of your assets and equipment gives you the power to ensure that jobs aren’t being completed on the side — and dollars aren’t being wasted.

With complete visibility across your operation, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase ROI. Trucking equipment is expensive and meant to carry a business through to the long haul. However, having your trucks running outside of business hours for unnecessary reasons weakens your investment. With a tracking solution, you can extinguish any unauthorized usage and enhance your equipment to operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Prolong the life of your vehicles. Likewise, having vehicles run after-hours to complete side jobs only eats away at their health and, ultimately, lifecycle. Having complete visibility into where your drivers and assets are at all times can put a stop to excessive usage and extend the life of your equipment — and investment.
  • Decrease liability exposure. Unfortunately, worrying about litigation is a reality for fleet managers today. And, if your drivers and vehicles are operating without your knowledge, your company’s credibility could be on the line. Track the status and location of your assets and spare your company the stress and expense of time-consuming legal battles.

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